Our Rehab Process


The Reavill Rehab approach to drug and alcohol addiction takes you through 4 main phases. In the first phase, you will have the opportunity to examine the recent events that have brought you to rehab. In the second phase, you will have time to explore in depth life issues and underlying factors that may still have a negative influence on your behaviour and lifestyle. In the third phase, you will re-examine your current values and start to develop strategies to re-organise your life without addiction. You will also have the chance to test out your commitment to change in a ‘normal’ social environment. In the fourth phase, you will review the normalisation exercise and refine your post rehab. recovery plan. If appropriate, your partner will be included in this process. The final phase is the ongoing review of your progress at home. Where possible, we will arrange with you support systems that may include AA meetings, or counselors.

Phase: I Debrief

The first component follows a structured process that gives you time to explore what has happened recently in your life and brought you to rehab. The process allows you to destress, and understand your cognitive, emotional and behavioral responses to addiction, and to clarify your urgent objectives.

Phase: II Deconstruct

In this component a comprehesive biopsychosocial assesment is completed that includes all aspects of your health as well as relationships, employment, and environmental factors. This allows us to identify unresolved past and current issues that may be contributing to your problems.

Phase: III Revalue

Knowing what is important, what you value now, is essential as a guide to what life direction you may take and the changes that may need to be taken, to live up to your values. This structured process helps you to identify your values and examine any obstacles that prevent you from realising them. In this phase you will clarify your values and identify thinking behaviour that can be changed, in order to meet your values. You will also explore your motivation and the obstacles that prevent change.

Phase: IV Rebuild

This component is concerned with developing a strategy to deal with your addiction that is practical, realistic, and achievable. We will also test out your readiness to change your behaviour by placing you in a normal community environment for a short time. We will then evaluate this experience and work on any difficulties that have arisen.

Phase: V Review

This includes follow up arrangements for your contact with Siam Rehab after you have completed the programme. We are available 24/7 and will arrange regular Skype (R) or phone contact sessions during the six months post rehab. We encourage everyone who is able, to return to Siam Rehab for a follow up weekend after six months. These weekends are held twice a year.