Reavill Rehab Program

The Reavill Rehab program has been developed to meet the needs of people seeking individual treatment for drug and alcohol problems. While group programmes are very useful to share experience – they frequently do not allow enough time to focus on clients’ individual issues.

While there are common themes in drug and alcohol addiction, the effects on behaviour and lifestyle are unique to each individual. Therapeutic interventions therefore also need to be individually focused.

The Reavill Drug Rehab approach offers more individual counselling time than most other programmes. This ensures that you are guided through the process of recovery, and not left to work it out for yourself.

At Reavill Rehab we do not judge you or treat you as an “addict”. Rather, we treat you as an individual with a problem that you can learn to manage and overcome.

Our staff are multilingual and can counsel Thai/Western relationship issues as well as anxiety, depression, work related stress, and eating disorders.