Rehab Staff

Tim Armstrong

Tim is Australian and one of the most widely experienced mental health professionals in the world. With over 35 years working in four countries, he has been involved in drug and alcohol and mental health services in clinical, teaching, management, training, research and international development roles. Tim has worked in both public and private sectors and for local and national NGO’s.

Throughout his career, Tim has always maintained a counselling practice in addition to his other roles, and has specialised in the counselling of dual disorders including drug and alcohol, post-traumatic stress, depression, personality disorder and eating disorders.

While Tim respects the AA model, he believes that CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) with its emphasis on learned behaviours is more relevant to an understanding of addiction and its treatment.

As a therapist, Tim uses several approaches which include CBT, Gestalt, Brief Psychotherapy, Provocative Therapy, Family Therapy, Rogerian Counselling and Transactional Analysis. Tim also uses different forms of relaxation, stress management and meditation techniques. As a long time student of Zen philosophy, he incorporates Zen concepts into his work.

He has given many conference presentations in Australia and New Zealand, on addiction and mental health topics and was given a U.N. award for his work in East Timor. In addition to English, Tim speaks basic Thai, French and Spanish.

Tim believes that an individual’s determination to change addictive behaviours is the key to long-term recovery. But that change only happens when one can perceive that an addiction-free life is a worthwhile choice.