Why Choose Our Rehab Facilities

  • Our methods for drug addiction and alcoholism work where others may have failed.
  • We help you to deal with underlying issues that may have been unresolved for many years.
  • While there are common themes in our programme, this is not a “one size fits all” rehab. Being small, we can and do use a wide range of therapeutic interventions to suit each person.
  • We respect the efforts you have made to change your behaviour and don’t judge you or label you as an “addict”.
  • We are able to use a number of professional associates to help you with specific issues if requested.
  • We work with other therapists and centres in Thailand and elsewhere. We will ensure you get the best possible help if our programme does not suit your needs.
  • If you have a partner we encourage their active involvement in the last week in counselling sessions.


For many people in a relationship one partner may have alcohol/drug problems, while the other has not. The “sober” partner may try everything they can to stop you using drugs/drinking. This may even include using with you, in an attempt to understand your behaviour. Some partners suffer incredible emotional and physical distress over many years hoping that you will change. The toll on families is very high and contributes to high divorce rates in many countries. We encourage you to work with your partner through the recovery process, so that you both may benefit from the positive changes you will make in your life.